Monday, September 18, 2006

Going to 'school' (daycare)

When Mariam goes to 'school' (as she calls it) - her hands can never be empty. She has to take everything she may need for that day. This was a lighter than normal day when she only took her purse (shunta) and her snacks. Apparently she carries the shunta around with her all day and refuses to put it down at daycare.

This day in particular she refused to leave the house without her 'shub' (isharb or headscarf). Normally she'll put it on as she gets ready and then I manage to convince her to take it off before we leave. But not this day, this day she insisted on having it on when she left and she freaked out when she felt it slipping off. It was very amusing to watch. I managed to leave it in the car when we went to daycare :).

This day was one of the funnier days. The picture's a bit foggy because it was really humid that day and my camera lens kept misting up. This day she wanted her 'orange aqua', her crayons, her pink blanket (pink blanit), and her yellow balloon (yewo boon). She refused to let me help her carry any of it.

Cutie :)
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