Sunday, March 26, 2006

Videos of Mariam

Tunt Rasha came into town this weekend and we had a wonderful time. She came over Thursday during the day and received a huge 'I missed you' hug from Mariam. Thursday night we all hung out at home and watched a movie which you can see in her all done video and her please video. She was saying please because she wanted more popcorn and you can see that she stubbornly refused to say thank you afterwards :). All done was when she was done with the popcorn. And then, after being on my lap for a little bit she decided she'd had enough and wanted tunt Rasha to carry her so you can see her saying 'upf' to Tunt Rasha which is Mariooma's 'carry me' :).

Friday, Rasha and Mariam hung out all day while I was at work and if you click on the animal sounds video you'll see what they were up to while I was at work. We all went out to Papasitos for fajitas Friday night. Mariam wasn't much in the mood for fajitas but she did have a little bit of rice. Saturday we all went to the zoo with Sarah and Isaac, and you can see her kissing the animals and loving the seals and the giraffes in the videos below. She also had a wonderful time at the little water park at the zoo. But unfortunately she got soaked which is why you see her in a different outfit after that. Then we met up with Muhammad and had a wonderful lunch with Nabil and Dahlia at La Madeline.

The last video clips are of Mariam and Rasha singing "Old McDonald had a Farm". This was earlier in the morning on our way to the zoo. Sunday we had a great time going to Kimah where we met Noha and Marco and their Mariam. The only downer of the whole weekend was the slight gastro we all experienced on Saturday :( but now we're all good :)...Enjoy!

This is Mariooma Saying all Done
Animal sounds in Black and White
Carry Me!
Kissing the animals
Splashing in the water at the Zoo
Old McDonald
Old McDonald some more
And More


At 2:27 PM, Blogger Laila said...

Mai that is ADORABBBBBBBBBBBLE mashallah!!

Please you gotta tell me how you hooked up the video on your blog-I've been trying and trying and can't figure it out-and this seems easy.

by the way girl where's the arabic-kalimi il bit bil 3arbi ba2a!! ;)


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