Friday, April 07, 2006


Mariam is almost 18months old - time is flying - and I've been slowly trying to work on weaning her especially at night (yes, she still nurses). Her word for nursing is 'um' so when she wants to nurse, including in the middle of the night, she says '' and she'll repeat it 20 times until I start nursing her. Lately I've been telling her 'no' and then she cries and I hug her and kiss her and pat her back to sleep. So, since she hates to be told 'no' (it really hurts her feeling and her pride :)) she's been reluctant to tell me 'um' - she just stares longingly (poor baby :)) and if I don't look like I'm going to let her nurse she goes on with her business or falls back asleep. Just the other day, however, she walked up to me rubbed her little hand on her little chest (the sign for please) and said 'um peeeeease'. How could I say 'no' to that????? So now we're back to square one in the weaning process since Mariam has discovered that I can not say 'no' to her little chest rubbing peeeeease.


At 9:42 AM, Blogger Rasha said...

Haha-that's great Mai. I don't know how you'd say no to that either. She's such a cutie when she says Peeeease. Go tell her to give tant Rasha a kiss :). Luv ya


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